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Welcome Home Owners, Builders and Businesses.  The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate people about the many danger(s) of living/breathing Toxic Mold spores.  Mold spores float through the air attaching themselves to dust mites.  Mold spores also attach to the surfaces inside your home or business. 

By sampling and culturing the suspicious areas of your environment we can identify the toxic agents taking up residence in your home or business.

Indoor Environmental Systems is a company that inspects and identifies mold, bacteria, yeasts and more that may be growing in your indoor environment.  Michigan Homes and businesses (especially those closest to lakes) have a large percentage of toxic mold's growing inside their buildings. This mold is making many people very Sick! It is very important to identify the mold spores and to know if they are active living spores or dead spores. Based on the findings the protocol may be as simple as cleaning with a 'green' cleaner to remove molds, bacteria, yeasts etc. to remediation with experts who suit up to remove the toxic molds. 
I have chosen the YouTubes you see featured on the right of this Blog because they truly represent what people go through when they discover that mold is invading their space and taking ownership of their health.

Where does mold live?  Mold thrives on moisture.  Mold will grow wherever you find moisture, i.e. leaky pipes, wet floors and or walls (use your exhaust fans - keep shower curtain inside tub,) cracks in walls, leaks around windows, etc. Various species of mold and other dangerous toxins can be found in old homes as well as brand new homes.  How, you say, can mold grow in a brand new home?  I encourage you to watch the first YouTube I have displayed on the right.  The homeowner who tells the story reveals how mold nearly destroyed their family's health.  The builder of their home used wet boards while constructing the house.  Family members grew deathly ill and no one could identify why.  Eventually they learned about the wet boards used during construction.  The black mold was thriving behind the walls of their home .. hiding where no one could see but spreading deadly and toxic mold spores throughout the whole house.

There are many tragic stories about people who discovered toxic mold in their environment which led them to expensive specialty treatments, poor health, remediation of their home and in the worst of cases evacuation.

I am hoping to raise awareness about the toxic affects living with mold in your indoor environment.  Being informed is being protected.

Phone Calls and inquiries are always free - so if you have questions or concerns, give me a call or email me.

CMI -IAQ/Mold Inspector
CIS - Indoor Air Quality Specialist
QST - Qualified Sampling Technician
PSP - Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Advanced Oxidation Specialist

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How Does Air Purification Work?

Air Purification- Healthy Living Technology

Fresh & Clean Air
Eight years ago I had no clue about the health affects connected to the air we breathe.  One day a friend of mine asked me if I would help him with his business by trying out his air purification product and then giving him an evaluation and/or a recommendation.  I like this guy and wanted to help him get started. I soon realized that this Air Purification unit was NOT an ordinary air filter. The first indication I had of the effectiveness of this machine was when my daughter Christy remarked that her headaches were going away whenever she came to our house to visit.  She has had sinus infections with constant headaches from the age of two.  The only change we had made was the air purification unit. I sent her home with the machine and her headaches disappeared for the first time in her life.  Needless to say I was more than impressed.

My curiosity peaked and I began to do research and comparison's of air purification stand alone units.  I learned that the unit we were using contained active technology.  I also learned that most air units are using PASSIVE technology (filters or U.V. Bulb alone) which means that they require all of the air to pass through the machine - think about it, how hard would it be to get all of the air in your house to pass through an air filter?  The Purifier that we were testing, I learned, was a hi-tech, system that knocks dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, pet odor's and more out of your breathing space, leaving the air smelling clean and fresh. This air purifier also sanitizes all surfaces. This little box brought more health benefits to my family than any other lifestyle change I had made.

Testing The Air Purifier

When our air purifier arrived we read the materials and set it up. The very first thing I noticed was the smell of Fresh Air— Like Mountain Fresh Air.  After reading all of the materials included with the Air Purifier, I was amazed and extremely impressed by how the technology contained in the little box would dramatically change and improve our indoor air quality.

During our first week trial, one of my son-in-laws stopped by our house to pick up a tool; as he was talking he suddenly stopped, took in a deep breath and said, "Wow, your house smells really good, what is it?" I pointed to the top of my kitchen cabinets and said, "It's an air purification unit that we are testing for Terry." "Wow, now that's impressive!" He answered. My house really did smell like fresh outdoor air .... As awesome as it was to have our house smell so fresh and clean it was the incident with Christry, during our trial, which that sold us on the technology.

Sinus Headaches Gone

As I shared briefly my youngest daughter Christy has lived with pounding headaches ever since she was a very young child. She had severe sinus infections which would send her temperatures up to 106 degrees. Before our trial of this Air Purification Unit from Green Tech., we had NO clue that those unrelenting sinus infections and headaches were related to our indoor air quality ... we did not know that her headaches and sickness was the result of breathing in dust mites which carried  bacteria and viruses.

Our decision to purchase this Air Purification unit from Green Tech. was one of the BEST overall health investments of our lives.

Dr. Mercola Recommends Best Living Systems Air Purifiers

Just recently Dr. Mercola has purchased rights to sell the Air Purification Unit's recommended in this article. The information on the Video I am including is very educational and explains how this high tech. Air Purifier combats mold, bacteria, odors, dust mites, pet dander etc. in the air, inside your home. educational.

Dr. Mercola states: Indoor air quality is a very big concern of mine. The following numbers pretty much speak for themselves, and can be both surprising and quite alarming at the same time…
  • Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors… some estimates go as high as 97%
  • Many homes and offices have airborne pollutant levels 25-100 times higher than the air outside
  • Over 1500 substances may be found in the typical North American home… some of which can emit toxic fumes


My Family's True Stories

After placing our unit in our daughter's house, we ordered another one. We began to think about our other children's health concerns. We decided to place our new unit in one household at a time. Each family experienced remarkable results. Our homes stay smelling fresh and clean. Many members of our family were suffering because of the air they breathed inside of their homes. Here is a list of problems that were ALL addressed and physical symptoms eliminated by this Fresh Air technology.

Daughter Christy - Sinus infections, Mold, reaction to cleaning products
Daughter Renee - Asthma & Spring Allergies, reaction to cleaning products
Madisyn (gr-daughter) - Spring allergies
Son Daniel - Fall Allergies and Trees
Jessica (gr-daughter) Spring allergies, pets
Kristin (gr-daughter) smoke, Asthma, pets, perfume
Haylie (gr-daughter) - Asthma

When we changed the indoor air quality in Christy's home she became headache free .. it is such a relief. Can you imagine living 25 years of your life with painful headaches and then discovering a solution. Just like that ... her headaches were gone.  As an unexpected bonus her husband stopped snoring.

When my granddaughter Kristin was a little girl she would experience Asthma attacks while playing outdoors. Before the air purifier, Kristin would run into the house gasping for breath which sent her mother running for the nebulizer. Once we put the air purification unit in their house Kristin had only to run into the house to experience relief .. the nebulizer was no longer needed.

My daughter Renee and her youngest child Haylie were both on nebulizers ... that is before the air purification unit entered their door. They no longer need a nebulizer either. Both of them had fragile health and were often sick. Since they purchased their own whole house air purification system they have gotten increasingly stronger. Renee cannot believe how much healthier she and Haylie are. Most of their sickness was related to their lungs with upper respiratory infections. Their sickness was tied to the air they were breathing inside their tightly sealed home.

As Renee put together her information on this years' medical claims she saw the evidence of the improvement to Haylie's and her health. The year before they had an astronomical amount paid toward medical bills. This year the visits to the doctor were decreased hugely. Renee and her husband experienced the HUGE benefits of air purification. Their investment turned out to benefit their family, not only physically but financially.

My son and daughter's also experienced seasonal allergies. After bringing clean air into their home they all experienced allergy relief!

I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude for the huge benefits our family has received through this healthy living investment. I just have to bow the knee and thank God for the day our friend asked us to test his product which led me to research and a deeper look into this healthy living technology company.

Tightly Sealed Homes

As our family was experiencing the benefits of breathing clean air, I dove into intense research. I learned quite a bit about indoor air pollution. Not many of us think about the Air we Breathe and depend on. Most people have never stopped to consider how advanced industry has changed the air in our homes and buildings.

Builders today know that people are very concerned about energy costs. As a result, in their effort to keep homes cost effective, our buildings and homes are so air tight they can't breathe or receive fresh air. Builder's today are mass producing tightly sealed homes.

The air inside our homes have become stale, polluted and a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Add to that the fact the air you breathe inside your home is filled with floating dust mites (dead skin, a little gift left from everyone who comes to visit you.) Attached to these little dust mites are bacteria and viruses which attack our health.

Clean The Air - Breathe Easy

As we shared our experiences, many of our friends made a decision to purchase this air purification system.  They were all grateful that we shared this good news. We joined the company knowing that we could help so many others. We reached out to people with allergies, asthma and sinus infections (clean the air - breathe easy), mold problems (kills surface mold), people with pet odors and allergies to pets (totally gone), people who affect others in their household with their cigarette smoke (this technology can completely eliminate smoke odors) how amazing is that?

Best Air Purifier - BEST Price 

Are all clean air purifiers equal? I know there are many other purifiers and clean air filters out there - in fact I researched them before I made my final purchase. We now own the Best Air Purifier out there.

If you own a Clean Air Filter, you need to know that these units are just skimming the surface of your need for indoor air purification.

Other brands and technologies must have the air go through the machine in order to clean it. The clean air purifier from Green Tech. is Active, meaning the advanced technology goes out from the purifier to kill the bacteria and viruses attached to the dust mites floating in the air. The dust mites then clump together and drop out of your breathing space. No more floaters swimming in the stream of light coming through your windows.

I have also learned that our technology is the most advanced Air/Surface Purification System in the world today. It utilizes the same technology used by NASA.   
This technology the ONLY Air and Surface Purification technology with validation testing from MULTIPLE UNIVERSITY STUDIES proving the ability to reduce up to 99.99% of Mold, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses on surfaces - It is the BEST air purifier. Here is a copy of one of the reports done on these Clean Air Purifiers through this University study test: Kansas State University Testing

GREEN TECH ENVIRONMENTAL President/CEO Allen Johnston answers your questions about our Air Purification Unit.  Dr. Johnston takes very technical information about this technology and makes it very simple to understand. 

Air Purification Websites and Informational Links

As I shared earlier, I spent many hours researching before I chose this specific Air Purification unit for our home. If you haven picked it up yet, give me a call and we'll talk about your specific indoor air quality issues.  Here are a couple of links to the air purification unit we use. I really hope you will check it out for yourself.

  1. Once on the Page  
  2. Click on Products - and then scroll down 
  3. Click on the following Websites: