Monday, March 19, 2012

Testimonials and Ratings from Clients

 Gary Ream

Links have been included for the testimonials of clients that I have served over the years.  These are testimonials that the clients have left without personal solicitation. 

After reviewing this site, if you have questions or would like me to provide an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and/or a Mold Inspection, I would ask you to contact me personally at 616-844-9202.  

Thank you and God Bless you!  Gary Ream

Ratings For Gary Ream, Indoor Environmental Systems, LLC.  
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Cheryl Nicholson ‎ - Mar 16, 2012
Gary Ream was very quick to return a call when I recently made an inquiry via email. When he called, he was so informative and helpful, teaching and guiding me with what would be some choices with my questions concerning some recent mold I had found in my home. At this point it was decided not to have him come do an home inspection but I would not hesitant in the future to have him out if there were additional problems in our home.

Rating Scale:  1.0 – 5.0   

Review by Russ R. in Grand Haven, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments: Gary did a great job. He explained every step of the process and worked closely with the remediation company.

Review by David R. in Muskegon, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Mr. Ream was on time the day of the appointment and went right to work doing his job, he was very profesional at his job and answered all questions I may have had. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Ream to anyone who may need any type of Environmental testing done.


Review by Brian C. in Greenville, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Gary was extremely honest, helpful and informative. It was great working with him. We would definitely recommend him and use him again in the future!

Review by Zilha D. in Grand Rapids, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Very nice and proffessional. Not expensive, and most of all not "pushy". Only neccessary tests were recommended and done. I would certanly recommend him to all. ( Inspection was done in a duplex) 

Review by Amber R. in Grand Rapids, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Gary Ream has been very professional and helpful through this awful process.  He has a father-like quality that makes him very easy to talk to. He is very passionate about what he does and his products.  In my bathroom, Gary found black toxic mold, I am now in the process of finding someone to remove the mold. After the mold is removed, Gary is supposed to come back and make sure they did it properly.  I like that there is follow-through right up until the end of this process. I bought a air purification unit from Gary, today is the first day of using it, so I don't have any reviews on the product yet, but I'm very excited about it capabilities
Review by a customer in Byron Center, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  I would highly recomend this company. Mold is not something you want to mess with, and they were very informative and honest.

Review by Craig S. in Spring Lake, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold - For Business
Comments:  Good Job

Review by Sue M. in Grand Rapids, MI
Project: Test Indoor Air Quality
Comments:  Gary was very knowledgeable in his field. He went out of his way to do his very best.
Review by Carol W. in Spring Lake, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Gary was very professional and an educator in the field. I would recommend him to any one that is concerned about the environmental safety in their home or business.

Review by Carol T. in Muskegon, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  We received great, professional service. Our concerns about mold in our cottage were taken care of by Gary. He advised what needed to be done and took care of it.

Review by Kevin H. in Wyoming, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Helpful and easy to work with, thanks.

Review by Madonna F. in Byron Center, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Gary was prompt, very informative and knowledgeable about our issue. He went over and above what I expected from a simple service call. He offered alternative ideas, without trying to sell us something unnecessarily.

Review by Missy G. in Holland, MI
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Very thorough and professional, appreciated comments and follow-up.
Review by Angela R. in Hamilton, MI
Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  Gary was very helpful and quick. He was able to do the inspection the same day that I called him! It was wonderful, I was in an time crunch and he was able to help me out. I was very impressed and if I'm in need of his services again and will be calling him. And recommending him to anyone else I know that might need him. Thanks again Gary! 

Review by Tim B. in Middleville, MI
Project:  Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments:  A gentleman came out, inspected the area, gave me results and recommendations on clean up and who to contact for clean up 

Review by James G.  in Spring Lake, MI
Project: Toxicity and Mold - Removal
Comment:  They do a cost effective job. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Indoor Air Quality for Real Estate

As a Certified Mold Inspector and Indoor Air Quality Specialist I work with many people.  One group of clients I work with are Real Estate Agencies and Realtors.  I have been recruited by many agencies and Real Estate Agents for:
Office Meetings:  To provide Education about the connection between Air Quality, Mold Infestation and making Sales.  Providing solutions that work.

Mold Inspections with Pre-testing and Post-testing 

Odor Removal:  Technology that removes offensive smells from houses with odors, such as pets, smoking, urine, grease and any other odor that might make your customer turn away.   By placing a Unit in a home for 24 to 48 hours before you show the house  it will smell fresh and clean for your showing. 

Identify Source and Severity:  Is there cat urine soaked into the wood?  What is the next step?  Does the smell of cigarette smoke knock you over when you enter the doorway? Is there a musty smell in the basement? ...  Is it Staccybotrus (black mold?)  Can it be eliminated with environmentally safe products or is remediation by an educated and trained re-mediator in toxic mold removal needed?  I can help you solve any problem with your Indoor Environmental Air Quality issues. 

Check out my website for more information, products and education.  You will also find my certifications and qualifications on this website.

Contact me if I can be of service to you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Customers, Services and Products

Who are my customers? 

Home Owners, Realtors, Banks, Restaurants, Office Complexes, Beauty Salon's, Factories, Manufacturing facilities, Government facilities, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Nursing Homes, Apartment Buildings, Motels and more. 
My Services? 
Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Mold Inspections, Water Testing, Radon Testing.
For many years people have known that our indoor air quality is getting worse, but only recently has there been a resource like NORMI where you have the opportunity to hire a trained professional who can evaluate and assess your IAQ/Mold problem. 


Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products, Air Purification, Ozone Laundry, Power Energy Management System (equipment protection, electrical noise filtration and energy savings.) Water Purification Systems.

  • CMI  -  IAQ/Mold Inspector
  • CIS   -  Indoor Air Quality Specialist
  • QST  - Qualified Sampling Technician
  • PSP   - Indoor Air Quality Assessment
 Advanced Oxidation Spialist
 Certified Air Check Professional 

  • An Assessment Interview
  • Visual Inspection of the Exterior and Interior
  • Mold Sampling and Lab Analysis (Air-O-Cell, Impaction Sampling, Enviro-SWAB, Enviro-TAPE, Bulk Sampling)
  • Moisture Meter
  • Radon Gas Testing 
  • VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), Formaldehyde
  • Comprehensive Reports with Recommendations on achieving a Healthy Indoor Environment.