Saturday, April 28, 2012

Best Laundry Solution

Green products and technologies never fail to spark my interests.  As I research this area I am amazed at how many alternatives there are to products that pollute and/or cause allergic reactions to people.  One of the reason's I am so in tune with the need to go green is because all three of my kids have allergies and chemical sensitivities.

One of the best products I have found is an Eco Laundry product.  This product has revolutionized the way I and now many others think about laundry.  IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE AND SAVES PAYS FOR ITSELF QUICKLY No more laundry detergent, no hot water, no fabric softener, it is the Best Laundry Solution out there to save money, keep clothes looking new, kill bacteria and eliminate allergic reactions.

I carry both residential and commercial units (please contact me) which many large hotels, prisons, hospitals and other commercial businesses utilize.  This system is the only clinically validated system guaranteed to kill over 99.999% of the super-bugs MRSA (staph), C.diff and Aspergillus niger. The system also prevents HIV and all Hepatitis strains from surviving the wash process.

My wife has written an article on this product.  It is entitled Eco Laundry.  She has done an excellent job; rather than repeating what she has said I have provided the link above directing you to her article.

If you have any questions, need more information or if you'd like to order an Eco Laundry Product, Save your time and money for more important things in life. 


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