Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's Not Fibromyalgia - It's not Chronic Fatigue

Today I am sharing a link with you about one woman's journey through the chaos of an invisible illness.  People who are sick but don't look sick are often misunderstood and criticized.  Sher shares her story of how peoples naive comments were condemning and how many  offered her negative advice on how to cure herself.

Sher did not have fibromyalgia, she did not have chronic fatigue as some doctors were trying to tell her.  She had a very real, disabling illness caused by exposure to toxic black mold. 

Sher's blog is about her journey, a journey toward health that she is sharing with her readers. Here is a link to her story: sherbailey's journey from the devastiatng effects of exposure to toxic black mold.

I meet many people struggling with invisible illnesses, just like Sher. The people who contact me have identified that something in their home is making them feel sick.

My role is to inspect their home to diagnose its' health by testing and identifying the exact mold or toxins growing in their environment.  I write protocol based on the labs, and my findings, giving instructions on how to clean up or remediate the environment in order to make it a healthy place to live or work.  

This article, written by Sher, points the patient, who has been overtaken by environmental illnesses, to medical resources that will help them heal physically from the damage caused by toxic agents (black mold is not the only toxic mold.)

Sher is on a journey but she's on the right track.  May she soon find herself looking back on a nightmare and finding herself filled with a sense of well being and health.  

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